The Lower Laguna Madre offers anglers some of the finest shallow water flats fishing on the Texas Coast.  Redfish, Speckled Trout, and Flounder are plentiful year round.   The bait rich shallow water sometimes offer up fishing sights like none you will see anywhere else. Tailing redfish will excite even the most seasoned angler, while spotting a cruising fish following a sting ray is a close second. The big payoff however is when the fish you have spotted and  cast to makes a sudden rush at your fly or lure, and in an instant, the fight is on!

• Lower Laguna Madre, Texas

• Excellent Fly and Spin Fishing

• Year Round All Species

• Redfish, Speckled Trout, Flounder

• Vast, Clear Water Sight Casting

• Lighted Fishing Pier

Arroyo City and the Lower Laguna Madre is widely known to be a premier shallow water sight casting destination for both fly and spin fishermen. Most anglers “look” or sight cast for the reds, but others can not resist the chance at a trophy Speckled Trout.  This sub-tropical fishery combined with the seemingly endless clear water is a natural match for avid fly and light spin fisherman alike. With all this said, their will sometimes be challenging days, some better than others. It behoves each angler to be well equipped and practiced before arriving so as to take full advantage each and every fish catching opportunity .

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